Local 701

April Notes!

First off Pictures for DOTH! Wish i could have gotten some, but hey this was my first time, and I was taking it all in. Thanks for all you passed on Cathy! I think i will just stick these pictures in the photo album along with the other pictures this year. Please do head over and check them out. I do plan on getting more pictures of events, but in the mean time if anyone has pictures or storries that they would like shared on the website, or just need to shoot me a message on something please contact the Webmaster Email i have created at unionlocal701events@gmail.com. I will make it a point to check on this email at least weekly just so i can get any info that you want passed on to everyone else. Thanks in advance for any tidbits that float into this email. Please try to indicate who or what the pictures are so we can add that info in the postings as well.

Lastly at the last meeting there was changes made to the meeting dates and times. I have updated the calendar as well but if your a list person instead they will be the first tuesday of each month and will be at 6pm (Same location and the 3:30 times remain). There is also no meeting in July, this would be considered a summer break. Dont have too much fun! The rest of the year now looks like this:

May 2th 6pm,
June 6th  3:30pm,
July No meeting( summer break)
Aug 1st  6pm,
Sept 5th 3:30pm,
Oct 3rd  6pm,
Nov 7th  6pm,
Dec 5th 3:30pm
I think this is now all the current info i have thus far. Thanks for all you do, keep me posted so i can keep this site up to date.
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