Local 701

Union WINS!!!

I just got the Stepping UP mailing yesterday, and in it i see that in the last 3 days our brothers and sisters in the union have DEFEATED the union-busting measure that would have turned Minnesota into the next Wisconsin. We have pressed hard with DOTH, rallies, calls and visits to our lawmakers, and even making a pressence in the last few hours of the special session....And it has paid off.Please visit www.afscmemn.org and click the News drop down and click the Stepping Up option; here you will find all the mailings you may have missed. I will add a link to the most recent eddition in this post. 

Many wins in this issue including the Budget, Bonding, Funding for Safe Staffing, Paid Parental Leave and Pensions to name a few. All these things are big wins for us all. Please review all the information in this issue so you can see exactly what the dues you pay as members go to, to better all of our lives. Without the support of its members we would not have seen all this success. 

I was also surfing around facebook, and noticed that our contract is tentatively agreed on at this time! From what i read we can see a 2% raise this year, a 2.25% raise next year, not to mention the step increases! This sounds great, and i am sure with out the support of its members AFSCME would not have been able to get this far. As far as the rest of the contract proposals, I have yet to hear specifically on what passed and what has not, but I will let you all know when i hear!

Last note, Please send me information to be posted on the website. Pictures, Video, just a note showing support for the union and its activities ANYTHING. You can email me at unionlocal701events@gmail.com. Thank you all!

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